Hi, I'm Sachin.

I’m a PhD candidate in Human-Centered Computing at Georgia Tech.

I study the diverse ways that people express, experience, and seek care for their mental health.


I am currently a PhD candidate in Human-Centered Computing at Georgia Tech, co-advised by Dr. Munmun De Choudhury as a part of the Social Dynamics and Well-Being Lab and Dr. Neha Kumar as a part of the TanDEm Lab.

Prior to that, I spent a year at Microsoft Research in Bangalore as a Research Fellow, advised by Amit Sharma. I did my undergraduate and Masters degrees at Brown University, in the smallest state with the longest name.

My research focuses around the question of how the identities we hold (such as our cultural background, our socioeconomic class, our gender identity, or our sexual orientation) have an influence on how we come to understand and express our experiences of distress, as well as what specific kinds of care we need and have access to when we aren’t feeling well. Through mixed-methods examinations of these factors, I hope to understand the role that technology can play to address the individual and structural barriers that prevent people from consistent mental health.

I strongly believe in a future where every person belongs to a caring and supportive community, a world in which all people can experience the full and vibrant spectrum of human emotion, expressing their experiences freely, safely, and powerfully. My research is done in pursuit of this future. I also believe every person has an origin story that is interesting and valuable — you can read more about mine here.


Feel free to email/message/tweet at me with questions about my research, music recommendations, and anything in between!

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